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When it comes to being an Entrepreneur it’s safe to say the lifeblood of any business is LEADS. Leads are considered to be the individuals that view the product or service you are offering and make a decision on whether or not that product or service can be of benefit to them. Without leads you have no business and for an Entrepreneur no business means bills don’t get paid, families don’t get taken care of, and both are ultimately driven by the LACK OF INCOME. In today’s world there are a number of ways in which individuals go about acquiring leads for their product or service. Those ways being:

  • Buying a list
  • Going door to door
  • Purchasing leads online
  • Direct Mail Leads
  • Cold Calling

These are just a few ways of many in which Entrepreneurs attempt to drive customers to their business. While all of these ways still work they can cost you a lot of money and time which are two of the main ingredients any Entrepreneur needs to run a successful business. If you are spending an endless amount of money & time on old & used leads that aren’t producing quality results for your business, ultimately your are running your business into the ground. As a former Life Insurance agent the amount of money I spent on leads per week alone was something that always bothered me. While I was able to produce results there were times in which I was reaching out to individuals that had been called so many times that by the time I got them on the phone the last thing on their mind was Life Insurance. My mentor in the business had been one that consistently made over $150,000/yearly selling Life Insurance. Of that $150,000 he spent $30, 000 on leads alone which was $2,500/ monthly on leads.  Sure, he could write them off as a business expense to recoup some of what he spent. But what if he had a method in which he could keep more of that $30,000 in his pocket upfront?

With the power of the internet combined with the power of the platform we use, that method now exists. Our platform provides Entrepreneurs with the tools, training, and technology they need to help grow their business to the next level. Some of the tools that are included in our platform are:

  • Voice Broadcast Dialer
  • Bulk Text with Voice Drop Access
  • Bulk email access
  • Filtered Scrubbed Data List Access
  • Blog & Mobile Site
  • Podcaster
  • Landing Page Creator & so much more.

Most importantly our platform teaches you how to use everything it includes to have you driving leads to your business in no time. Take for example a campaign that I ran after going through training and learning the skills & techniques in which our platform teaches. My target audience were individuals seeking a work from home opportunity that involved a viable product, along with giving them the opportunity to work without selling anything through the use of Referral Marketing Partners (RMPs). My campaign started by creating an ad to place on sites that had individuals looking for an opportunity to work from home. These ads resulted in many individuals applying for the opportunity, taking the survey involved, and my first official sale online at that time (View the pictures below)


As you can see from the picture above I started this particular campaign in October and ran it from October until January. I was able to produce 190 leads from this campaign alone that I was able to follow up with manually and also add to my email list. The best thing about our platform is its versatility meaning the same way in which I generated these leads for my specific offer is the same way, along with MANY MORE in which Real Estate Professionals, Life Insurance Producers, and professionals from any arena can do the same thing. The key ingredient isn’t just in the tools itself but more so in the training. Anyone can be given the keys to a vehicle but if you have not received the proper training in regards to learning to drive the vehicle it usually ends in tragedy. Here, you not only have the keys to the vehicle but you also have access to the training that teaches you how to drive the vehicle as well. For more information on our platform and how you can have access to it’s amazing tools & training email me at or give me a call directly @ 1-800-673-1728 ext. 11563.

Also, click >>>>> THIS LINK <<<<< to get a more in depth perspective on how this has worked for Real Estate Agents and Life Insurance Producers. Most of all, Thank You for taking the time to read my blog and I wish you much success in all that you do.




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