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In life we are faced with many obstacles that challenge who we are and what we are made of. These obstacles are put in place to help create within us what is necessary for us to achieve our goals and fulfill our purpose in life. One of the key attributes that contributes to the achievement of your goals is Perspective. How you perceive the obstacles that are thrown your way makes up and directly affects your MENTAL TOUGHNESS. This happens one or two ways; you view these obstacles as tests that are only thrown your way to motivate and strengthen you on your path or you view them as obstacles that are too tough for you to overcome which ultimately weakens you. Always remember, your perspective on these obstacles directly affect the outcome you are trying to achieve. This makes it very important to increase your perspective which allows you to see and understand things in a way that benefits you best along your journey.

Mental Toughness can be defined as the ability to achieve personal goals and successes while overcoming worries, doubts, and circumstances that try to hinder your progress. When you possess a strong Mental Toughness you develop a Winners Mindset, become great at Optimizing Stress, and you learn to Max Out Limits. There have been a number of individuals that have shown us the results that come from having  a strong Mental Toughness. One of the most recent examples come from one of the greatest athletes of our time  Tiger Woods.

For the last couple of years there were questions on if Tiger Woods would ever play golf again. He had been a man that dominated the game for years until personal issues and injuries seemed to have derailed his career. Prior to playing in The 2019 Masters Tournament, the highs and lows of what Tiger Woods had been through painted a picture that most perceived would be the end of such an iconic figure. He had been written off by so many that saw him going through one of the most painful periods of his life. If it had not been for his Mental Toughness it is safe to say the Tiger Woods we know today would not be. The AVERAGE human being would not have been able to withstand the trials this man faced in order to climb his way back to the top. The focus it takes for one to get through those circumstances along with the commitment and discipline help make up the Mental Toughness factor that is needed to persevere.

I too have had moments in my life that has directly influenced my mindset in a way where it forced it to become stronger. The moments that stood out most were the college years of my life. Basketball was my outlet and I was good at it when my mind was in the right place. The things that almost derailed me were the constant use of Alcohol and Recreational Drugs. Like most College students you view those things as “part of the experience” so when you’re constantly having fun and enjoying the moments you never realize the impact those things can have on your future. I abused both on a regular basis due to my lack of EDUCATION and DISCIPLINE  to be able to understand the difference in having a “good time” and taking things “too far”. I’m grateful to say I did graduate College but not without getting myself into some trouble and even an arrest scare the night before graduation that could have ended it all. Me being out of control affected me after I graduated College because those habits walked with me across the stage and into my life of being an adult. It wasn’t until I began to focus on Personal Development that helped me understand and develop a strong Mental Toughness to get through situations I had to rebound from that were caused by bad habits and a lack of understanding in College.

My life has taken a turn in the right direction due to me strengthening my Mental Toughness which has come from the EXPERIENCES  life has given me. You can do this as well by practicing and forming good habits for yourself that enhance the way you view obstacles and tough situations that arise during your journey. Some of those habits are Reading, Exercising, listening to Self Development tapes, and Meditation. All four are practices that enhance your way of living and helps change your PERSPECTIVE  when dealing with challenges in your life. There is no way I would be able to balance having a Full Time job while building a business on the side and being a parent if it weren’t for my MENTAL TOUGHNESS. One of the reasons why I joined the Online Business community that is showing me how to make $5K-$10K a week from anywhere in the world because I knew it would challenge me as an individual. It challenges your mindset and if you overcome the limits in your mind, dream big, and work towards your goals, there is NO WAY you cannot succeed in accomplishing them. If you would like more information on what it is I do, and how you could free yourself financially CLICK HERE. As Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once stated, “You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find STRENGTH.”


Peace & Prosperity,

J. Lee

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