Joshua Lee

The Power Of Parenthood

As I sit here writing this I can’t help but notice the date I posted my last blog.  January 29th, 2019 to be exact and my first thought, “Man, I have to get it back on track.” Maybe it’s the full time job, maybe its things I’ve been going through personally, maybe this isn’t what it’s suppose to be. The moment passes, the thoughts fade, and I look to my left realizing WHY I started this journey in the first place. There, sits a pretty little face with a bagel bite in one hand, IPad in the other with no care or understanding of the trials life sometimes bring as an adult. As her father it’s my job to teach and raise her in a way where when she does become an adult she will have the tools to deal with and face those challenges. The best way for me to teach her is by providing her with results to things that I have invested in that help create financial freedom. The results never happen without a process and a majority of the time you never win without suffering a few losses during that process of becoming a winner. It is what i do when faced with a loss or a moment of adversity that will teach her more than the results by themselves.

Before becoming a father life for me had little direction and was filled with a lot of inconsistencies. Although the process of personal development had began I never had anything that motivated me outside of money. All of that changed when my daughter was born and little did I know how it would REALLY impact my life in such a positive way. The thing that changed most was my time awareness and the ability to NEVER let an excuse be the reason why something can’t get done. This became so important because in order for me to really enjoy life as a father and fully make an impact on my daughters life the thing I needed most was TIME. At that point investing in a business that would allow me to work from home while serving and building a residual income made the most sense. The challenge came when trying to balance my full time job with me building my business on the side.

There have been plenty of days where I’m completely drained from what I do during the day. There have been plenty of days where I’ve felt as if I wanted to give up and just be a great employee for the rest of my life. It’s the actions that I take during these trying times that keep me going. It pushes me through which feeds me in a way where I will NEVER stop pushing until the goal of financial freedom is attained and I am showing people how to do the same in their lives. The fuel behind me taking those actions is my daughter and me understanding that if I give up then I make it okay for her to give up when she grows older and is faced with trials in her life. Parenthood has put me in a position where it will NEVER be okay for me to give up on anything that is for the greater good of my daughter. That is the POWER behind becoming a parent and that power has taken my life to a different level. That power is what led me to join the TW3 community and it has really opened me up to a different world.

I have never seen anything like the tools, technology, and training that I have seen in my TW3 business but I knew it existed. The results that people are having can be mind boggling but they are very real and only come to those putting in the work. Imagine having access to something that gives you an opportunity to make 5k-10k a WEEK because that is what the TW3 opportunity gives along with so much more. I joined this business opportunity to help take my life to the next level financially which will allow me to live life on MY terms. I also understood the power behind leveraging the internet to help create a life where I will never miss the important moments of my daughters life because my business will eventually be run on Autopilot and I will eventually be FREE from the rat-race. That is what we have access to at TW3 and you too can be given that same opportunity as well. If you would like more information on what it is we do visit HERE and take a look at the webinars that explain this opportunity. If interested you will be taken to a Survey at the end of the webinars. Fill it out and we will set up a time for us to talk to see if this is the right opportunity for you.  Just think of the life you want to live and what it is going to take for you to LIVE that life.  In the words of the late Jim Rohn ” If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

Peace & Prosperity,

J. Lee

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