Joshua Lee

Unleash Your Greatness

Let’s face it. When it comes to being GREAT most of us are daunted by the amount of focus, discipline, commitment, and adversity that comes with the responsibility. However, Greatness is something that comes standard in every human being walking the earth. Maybe it should be called “Potential” Greatness because not everyone is able to activate that inner Greatness within their lifetime. The question then becomes, why is that? Why is it that everyone of us are born with the potential to be Great but most of us ultimately end up and are okay with being mediocre? Now I get it, the path to Greatness is not for everyone. There is a lot of sacrifice and plenty of moments where one may wonder if it is all worth it. Ultimately, I think it’s more than worth it because Greatness results in us being in the form of our higher self given what you have to endure to get there. In order to take on that form, one must go through certain challenges that force them to rise to the occasion.
First let’s start by defining what the word “Great” means. It is defined as “of ability, quality, or eminence considerably above the normal or average”. Given it’s definition, an individual is considered to be great when they possess abilities, and qualities that standout on a level that makes them seem somewhat superhuman. When the word Greatness is mentioned there are a number of individuals that come to mind. Micheal Jordan, most consider him to be The Greatest Basketball Player to ever walk the face of the earth. Albert Einstein is considered The Greatest Physicist to ever live given what he was able to do in defining our physical knowledge of the universe. Martin Luther King Jr. is regarded as one of The Greatest Men to ever live given what he was able to accomplish during The Civil Rights Movement. The most recent display of Greatness comes from Tom Brady who is considered by most as The Greatest Quarterback to ever play the game of football.
Even after dominating the game of football for the last decade, this year seemed to be the year where most thought Tom Brady would lose his dominance. He is 41 years of age so when he seemed to be struggling during the season critics stated he was “declining” or he was “too old.” When his team did not play well critics stated “this years team is nothing in comparison to The Patriots teams we have seen in the past.” With there being what seemed to be three teams that were superior to every team in the league, critics stated “The Patriots just don’t measure up to those other three teams.” So here we are, sitting at the end of the an NFL season and there are just two teams left. One of those teams of course, being led by Tom Brady. Regardless of his age, his team, and what critics thought of him this year, the adversity never stopped him from completing the mission. If anything it fueled him to tap into his Greatness even more to lead his team in becoming one of the last two teams standing at the end of the season.
My question to you is what’s stopping you from tapping into your Greatness as we approach the end of the month to the beginning of a new season? Is it someone telling you your dream is too big? Is it you comparing yourself to others that has caused you to become stagnant in taking action? Whatever IT is, IT can never take away from the fact that GREATNESS is in YOU. It doesn’t have to be Sports, it doesnt have to be Entertainment but the reality of it is WE WERE ALL BORN TO BE GREAT AT SOMETHING.  It is up to you to develop the mindset, the discipline, and the consistency in doing what needs to be done in order for you to find, tap into, and unleash YOUR Greatness!

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